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Dawgs Win 2013 Football Season Opener

August 31, 2013
Washington Huskies 1-0, 1st in Pac 12 - North

Husky Quarterback Keith Price
Husky Quarterback Keith Price
Fantastic way to start the season!

Final score: Boise State 6 - UW 38

Our favorite college football team, the University of Washington Huskies, rocked the field Saturday night for the reopening of Husky Stadium, in their much-anticipated rematch against 19th ranked Boise State in the 2013 season opener. With 71,963 fans filling the seats of the new stadium, the crowd was excited and loud as their Dawgs put points on the board in every quarter, and stuffed several Bronco attempts to score.
Final score: Boise State 6 - Washington 38
Final Score: Boise State 6 - Washington 38

In this exciting season opener, Keith Price delivered with 324 passing yards, completing 23 of 31 attempts, and scoring two touchdowns. Bishop Sankey, with 25 carries, and Dwayne Washington, with 13 carries, combined to complete 268 rushing yards.  Jaydon Mickens and Kevin Smith received a combined 14 catches for a total of 178 yards.  With the help of the entire team, the Dawgs did not disappoint!

Since 1920, Husky Stadium has hosted the University of Washington Dawgs and their rivals in the Pacific 12 (Pac-12) Conference. In 2011, Husky Stadium closed its doors to undergo a major renovation. The original stadium had a total seating capacity of 30,000 fans. The new stadium has a seating capacity of 72,500 fans, more than double the original capacity. 

What a great way to inaugurate the new stadium and the new season. Thanks for kicking off the new season with a bang!  Can't wait to see what's next!  

Ariel view of the new Husky Stadium
Ariel view of the new Husky Stadium New Husky Stadium

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