Monday, July 29, 2013

Beautiful Photography

I love photography, but have never come close to mastering the use of my camera.  Every now and then I manage to take a photo that is worth sharing.  I understand composition, aperture, and f-stop, but the only one I can actually apply when the camera is in my hands is composition.  Since joining Google +, I stumbled upon a few interesting forms of photography I just have to share.
Photography originally started as the process of capturing light on light-sensitive paper. Today, digital sensors capture the light and store it in digital format.  Both forms of photography respond to changes in shutter speed and adding or removing external light.  Leaving your shutter open longer creates lighting effects that can only be imagined by the human eye.


There are dozens of different kinds of light photography; light painting, light graffiti, and light art performance photography. Regardless of the name, light photography "is a technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source, ...or images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources." Photographers use a slow, one second or more, shutter speed, and a moving light source to illuminate patterns or a picture by shining the light directly into a camera lens.  A similar effect can be achieved by moving the camera around.

Light Photography by Michael Sutton           Light Photography by Lacerant Plainer
"Lava Flow"
by Michael Sutton
          Light Photography
by Lacerant Plainer

Light Graffiti - Goku w/ Kamehameha Blast           Light Photography
Light Graffiti - Goku w/ Kamehameha Blast
by Rob Walker
          Light Photography
by David Haberthür


There are a few different names for this type of photography; liquid, splash, water, and any combination of these names, but the common thread is the use of liquid, a camera, and strobes.  This form of photography pairs the hi-speed stop action of strobes to "freeze liquids and create stunning water photography images."

Liquid Photography by Alex Koloskov
Liquid Photography
by Alex Koloskov
Liquid Photography by Alex Koloskov
Liquid Photography
by Alex Koloskov

The photo's here are just a few examples of these amazing art forms. Here you can find thousands more amazing photo's.  Do you have a favorite, or feel like sharing a different form of photography? Please share... 

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