Sunday, October 13, 2013

Light Your Tails To Save Lives

Tail Lights for horses! Be seen while riding!

Tail Lights - a safe, highly visible, fun and fashionable way to warn oncoming motorist of a horse and its rider in any type of lighting or weather.

Tail Lights is a company that was born by accident. Literally. Despite using reflective gear, in 2009, founder Sami Gros and her horse were struck by a car while riding in an equestrian neighborhood. Failing to find a better product for night time equestrian safety, Sami designed and built the first LED light source for horses. Thus Tail Lights was born, a colorful fun way to be seen at night while riding. 

Since that day she has dedicated herself to designing fun, colorful bright safety equipment for horses and riders. We hope you like them as much as we have! 

Description Tail Lights for horses help you be visible while riding in low light. It is a revolutionary product that will set the standard for equine safety. Tail Lights is a safe, light weight, highly visible (over a 1/2 mile on single rider mode), colorful way to warn motorists of a horse and riders position. With soft rope light lights that move with the tail, the horse is as comfortable wearing it as the rider will be knowing that they are well visible in poor lighting situations. 

Basic Info 
Founded November 2012 

Woodland Hills, California 91364 

Release Date October 2013 

Contact Info 


You can also find them on Facebook.  This is a home grown company, so they need everyone's help to get their product on your horses tail,

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