Sunday, July 14, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well

Olympia PD
Olympia PD
This morning didn't go quite as I had planned it.  I was supposed to be up by 6:00 am, picking blackberries by 7:00 am, and then cleaned up to spend the rest of the day with my parents.

My cat woke me up long before my alarm went off.  Instead of getting up and getting going, I picked up my phone and started browsing Facebook, Pinterest, and got caught up with the news on the BBC app, and the King 5 app.

Plans changed again when I realized I might not want to work out at the end of the day, so I dressed for the gym...ha ha.  I got downstairs, and once again, I was waylaid by my ADHD and the laundry.  Instead of getting an early start, I was running late.  I grabbed a bowl and a bucket, changed into appropriate clothes, and headed out to pick blackberries.  

I was supposed to take exit 101, but out of pure habit, I took exit 103.  No big deal, I just continued down the road.    As I drove through the intersection of Little Rock Road and Trosper, I noticed a few too many law enforcement vehicles in the vicinity with their lights on.  I'm not a look-e-loo, so I just kept driving. Then, off to my right, I saw something I couldn't just ignore.  Crouching beside his vehicle was an Olympia PD law enforcement officer with his assault rifle a the ready.  

Turns out there was a man holding his ex-girlfriend hostage inside the USA Gastation. According to an article published by the King 5 news crew, "after an all-day standoff with police and SWAT team members, the 50-year-old suspect was taken into police custody shortly after 6:30 p.m. The hostage was released without harm.

If I had stuck to my original plan, I would have missed all of the action.  Everything happens for a reason, and I'm super happy the standoff ended well.