Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scary Car Accident

Saturday, October 19, 2013
US 2 East of Index, WA

One man dead in this head on collision late Saturday afternoon.

Looking at the two cars involved in this accident, it's hard to believe anyone survived. The State Patrol said a man driving this Mercedes westbound on US 2 passed another vehicle illegally and struck a pick-up head-on. The Mercedes driver died, but his passenger, a pregnant woman, survived.  She and the three men in the pick-up were all taken to hospitals with unknown injuries.  Witnesses said the Mercedes was driving erratically before the crash.
I have a new motto now whenever I'm in a car: Pay attention in every direction. I have read about more and more head on collisions caused by illegal passing, DUI, health conditions, and sleepy drivers.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Looking For Witnesses

Washington State Patrol BadgeDate:October 10, 2013
Contact:Trooper Keith Leary
Phone:(360) 654-1200 

Washington State Patrol Seeks Additional Witnesses to a 
Car v School Bus on SR 548 on October 3rd. 

The Washington State Patrol continues its investigation into the cause(s) of the October 3rd car v. school bus serious injury collision that occurred on SR 548 (Blaine Road) at the intersection with Alderson Road. Detectives have identified and contacted five witnesses to the event, but are asking for potential additional witnesses to contact them. If you saw or heard anything to include events leading up to the crash or know somebody that did, you are asked to call Detective Sergeant Jerry Cooper at (360) 805-1192 or Detective Ben McBride at (360) 805-1195.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Light Your Tails To Save Lives

Tail Lights for horses! Be seen while riding!

Tail Lights - a safe, highly visible, fun and fashionable way to warn oncoming motorist of a horse and its rider in any type of lighting or weather.

Tail Lights is a company that was born by accident. Literally. Despite using reflective gear, in 2009, founder Sami Gros and her horse were struck by a car while riding in an equestrian neighborhood. Failing to find a better product for night time equestrian safety, Sami designed and built the first LED light source for horses. Thus Tail Lights was born, a colorful fun way to be seen at night while riding. 

Since that day she has dedicated herself to designing fun, colorful bright safety equipment for horses and riders. We hope you like them as much as we have! 

Description Tail Lights for horses help you be visible while riding in low light. It is a revolutionary product that will set the standard for equine safety. Tail Lights is a safe, light weight, highly visible (over a 1/2 mile on single rider mode), colorful way to warn motorists of a horse and riders position. With soft rope light lights that move with the tail, the horse is as comfortable wearing it as the rider will be knowing that they are well visible in poor lighting situations. 

Basic Info 
Founded November 2012 

Woodland Hills, California 91364 

Release Date October 2013 

Contact Info 


You can also find them on Facebook.  This is a home grown company, so they need everyone's help to get their product on your horses tail,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seattle Seahawk Fans Roar

Seattle Seahawks Logo
Seattle Seahawks
Who's ready for some football! #Louder

Today, when the Seattle Seahawks take the field at Century Link field, the 12th man will attempt to set a new world record as the loudest crowd roar in the world.

Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records will be in Seattle today to measure the sounds of the fans at Century Link stadium as the Hawks take on the San Francisco 49ers in this weekends Sunday Night Football game.  The 12th man will have to generate more than 131.76 decibels in sound to beat the record set in 2011 at a soccer game in Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.

That's me with a Seahawk at a recent tailgate party.
Go Hawks!
Guinness officials say the fans will get three attempts to break the record, so keep one eye on the stadium's big screen, and when it's time, make some noise. You don't want to miss this game!

Sunday Night Football
San Fransicso 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
5:30 pm (PST) in Seattle.

I'm ready!  Are you?

When Octopus Attack Part II

Kasawari Lembeh Dive Resort
Kasawari Lembeh Dive Resort
If you read my first post, When Octopus Attack, you already know that these posts aren't about octopus attacks, but more about the natural behavior of underwater creatures.

A few years ago, my husband and I were fortunate enough to travel to Indonesia for a few weeks of scuba diving.  We spent the first half of our trip diving from the SMY Ondina in the waters of Raja Ampat.  For the second half of the trip, we traveled to North Sulawesi, and spent the remainder of the trip diving with the guides of the Kasawari Lembeh Dive Resort.  We were told that we would be "muck diving," which doesn't sound like very much fun to most people, but to Pacific Northwest divers, we spend most of our time muck diving, so we were excited!

Lembeh Strait is home to some of the worlds most amazing underwater critters.  With the right guide, or a good eye, you'll find pygmy seahorses, wunderpus, stargazers, all kinds of frogfish including the hairy frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, angler fish, spiny devil, schools of file fish, and so much more.

Coconut Octopus
Coconut Octopus
One of the cutest creatures we found was this feisty octopus.  They usually bury themselves below the sand, leaving their eyes just above the sand so they can observe the world around them. We spotted this small coconut octopus on our own as it was carrying this clam shell around, and he entertained us for around 15 minutes as we enjoyed an extra long safety stop.

This octopus was around the size of a small lime, but it packed a huge attitude.  When it noticed us, the octopus logged itself inside the shell and pulled it closed around itself, peaking out to check on us once in awhile.

Realizing we weren't going to go away, the octopus dropped the shell and put on a beautiful show hiding under the sand, blowing sand at us, going through several color changes, and hiding in plain sight by blending in with whatever drifted by.  Eventually, we waved goodbye to this spunky little octopus and made our way to the surface.  We will never forget this adorable little octopus.

If you are fortunate enough to spot sea life in their natural habitat, please remember that their behavior is usually meant to scare you so that you won't bother them.  Although they are harmless, respect them and enjoy them with your eyes or your camera, not your hands.  They will live a little longer, and future divers will have an opportunity to enjoy them as well.

Coconut Octopus
Coconut Octopus
Coconut Octopus
Coconut Octopus

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Star Trek Crew Does Not Like Miley Cyrus

Found this video shared by a friend on Facebook.  Aries Head Films produced this video on August 29th, just four days after the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).  They pair parts of the onstage performance by Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus with previously recorded footage from an episode of Star Trek.

This compilation is perfect, capturing the emotions that most of us experienced when watching the VMA performance. Eventually, as the crew watches this performance of "Blurred Lines," the entire bridge crew goes mad.  What else do you expect from a song called "Blurred Lines?"

Aries Head Films is an independent film studio located in Düsseldorf, Germany. It might not be their main focus, but this is not their first viral video.  Want to see more from Aries Head Films?  You can find them on Facebook and YouTube.

Pretty good, right? What do you think?

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Aries Head Films
Aries Head Films
Captain Kirk & Spock
Captain Kirk & Spock
The Original Star Trek

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Looking For Witnesses

Washington State Patrol BadgeDate:September 5, 2013
Contact:Trooper Chris Webb
Phone:(425) 401-7722 

Washington State Patrol Seeks Additional Witnesses to a 
Car/Semi-Truck Collision On I-405/North of I-90 

The Washington State Patrol is investigating a one car, one semi-truck, fatal collision from Monday, August 26, 2013 at approximately 4:36 a.m. The collision occurred southbound I-405/North of I-90 (mile post 12) in King County.
Detectives and Troopers are seeking witnesses that may have seen the collision, including any event leading up to or following the crash. If you have any information or know somebody that does, please contact Detective Sergeant Stacy Moate at (425) 401-7741 or Detective Greg Wilcoxson at (425) 401-7746.
Original Media Release

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do You Have What It Takes?

Here's a topic that's near and dear to my heart.  I've been working for the Washington State Patrol for more than eleven years, and I love my job!  It's rewarding, challenging, and usually fairly entertaining.  The agency understands the value of keeping up with current technology trends, and allows me to keep my skills current. 

Washington State Patrol BadgeLast week, the agency posted a new Media Release.  We have more than 300 openings for troopers.  If you've ever wanted to be in law enforcement, this is a great time to see if you've got what it takes to be a trooper.  

The patrol is conducting its Phase I testing at Lynnwood High School on Saturday, September 7th.  Phase I testing consists of a physical fitness test and a written test. Once you pass Phase I testing, you can advance to the next phase of testing.

Check-in begins at 7:30 AM.  If you are excited about law enforcement opportunities, give it a try.  You can find more information on the application, testing locations, and minimum requirements on our agency website.

If you're interested in other opportunities working for the Washington State Patrol, you can find a list of all of our current openings on the states career's web site.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dawgs Win 2013 Football Season Opener

August 31, 2013
Washington Huskies 1-0, 1st in Pac 12 - North

Husky Quarterback Keith Price
Husky Quarterback Keith Price
Fantastic way to start the season!

Final score: Boise State 6 - UW 38

Our favorite college football team, the University of Washington Huskies, rocked the field Saturday night for the reopening of Husky Stadium, in their much-anticipated rematch against 19th ranked Boise State in the 2013 season opener. With 71,963 fans filling the seats of the new stadium, the crowd was excited and loud as their Dawgs put points on the board in every quarter, and stuffed several Bronco attempts to score.
Final score: Boise State 6 - Washington 38
Final Score: Boise State 6 - Washington 38

In this exciting season opener, Keith Price delivered with 324 passing yards, completing 23 of 31 attempts, and scoring two touchdowns. Bishop Sankey, with 25 carries, and Dwayne Washington, with 13 carries, combined to complete 268 rushing yards.  Jaydon Mickens and Kevin Smith received a combined 14 catches for a total of 178 yards.  With the help of the entire team, the Dawgs did not disappoint!

Since 1920, Husky Stadium has hosted the University of Washington Dawgs and their rivals in the Pacific 12 (Pac-12) Conference. In 2011, Husky Stadium closed its doors to undergo a major renovation. The original stadium had a total seating capacity of 30,000 fans. The new stadium has a seating capacity of 72,500 fans, more than double the original capacity. 

What a great way to inaugurate the new stadium and the new season. Thanks for kicking off the new season with a bang!  Can't wait to see what's next!  

Ariel view of the new Husky Stadium
Ariel view of the new Husky Stadium New Husky Stadium

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Very Sad Fundraiser

By KOMO Staff & Associated Press Published: Aug 26, 2013 at 6:57 AM PDT

Alea Price
Alea Price
The State Patrol identified the victim as 24-year-old Alea Price of Seattle.

This young woman was a barista from Capitol Perks; a coffee house in our employer's back parking lot. Capital Perks is running a fund raiser on Thursday, August 29 at their Tumwater location to help the young woman’s mother with funeral expenses. If you are in the area, please stop by, order a coffee, or simply make a donation to help Alea's mother.

Price called 911 several times - and apparently her boyfriend, as well - to report that she was stopped in one of the left lanes on I-405 southbound in Bellevue, Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Webb said.

Both a trooper and the boyfriend were on their way at about 4:30 a.m. when a semi struck the woman's car and pushed it off the left shoulder. Price was alive when medics arrived, but unfortunately died before making it to the hospital. 

"We had a trooper en route to the scene and then we got calls the vehicle had been struck," Webb said.

Price's boyfriend arrived in the aftermath of the crash. Her family in West Seattle was too emotional to speak, but said Price is leaving behind a twin sister.

BELLEVUE, Wash. - A semi-truck hit and killed a woman who was sitting in her car and waiting for help after she struck a deer on Interstate 405 Monday.
Alea Price's car after it was
struck by a semi truck.
Troopers said she followed the advice most people hear about what to do after a collision - stay in your car. In this case, though, because her car was in the middle of a busy freeway, investigators said it might have been better to either move the car, or wait somewhere off the road.

Price reported to dispatchers that she believed her car was disabled, Webb said. "We assume she at least had her lights on, although there is front damage to the vehicle, which maybe caused her headlights to be off," Webb added.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Word of the Week

Espresso, it's spelling and pronunciation

Espresso...noun: a strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.

Seems simple enough right? Wrong! I don't drink it, but my husband does, and it still surprises me when an employee who supposedly specializes in everything coffee says EXPRESSO.  Seriously?  Lift your head, look around the store, and read the menu.  There is no X in espresso, no matter how many shots you have to add.
Word of the Week
Correcting Vocabulary One Word At A Time

War of the Roses

If someone calls you and offers you free flowers, delivered to the love of your life, you should probably hang
KISS 106.1 FM Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station
KISS 106.1 FM
up, call the love of your life, and confess your sins.

Almost every Tuesday and Thursday, at 7:20 am PST, Jackie and Bender host a bit they call War of the Roses.  Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's scary, and sometimes it's funny, but it is always entertaining.

Here's how it works.  If you suspect your significant other is cheating on you, all you have to do is talk to them.  What a novel idea, communicate.  Oh, wait, you don't communicate, you don't know what problem resolution is, you don't know the first thing about relationships.  Instead of communicating, you decide to air your dirty laundry on a radio show.  You visit Jackie and Bender's web site, share a little information with them, and then let them make a call...badabing, badaboom, your cheating significant other confesses everything on the radio for the whole world to hear; courtesy of iHeartRADIO of course.
War of the Roses Submit Info Link
War of the Roses Submit Info Link
If you've never listened to the show, give it a try.  Jackie and Bender and all of their support staff put on a great show full of laughs and interesting guests.  I'm at work during the War of the Roses bit, so I started listening on my iPhone using the iHeartRADIO app.

My favorite War of the Roses was a story about a man dating a woman for a year, and never being invited to her home.  She told her "boyfriend" that her home was a complicated place because she and her husband lived there together before he died while serving in the military in Iraq, and she wasn't ready to let anyone new in the house.  Turns out her husband was not dead.  In fact, he was alive, healthy, and living with her in their home.  Once she realized what was happening, she actually thought it was OK to turn things around and ask her "boyfriend" why he was doing this to her.

Jackie & Bender
KISS 106.1 FM
Some of the stories are truly unbelievable, seriously, they sound scripted.  It doesn't really matter though because the show is entertaining.  If you've never listened to the bit, give it a try.  Today, they've got 720 past episodes up on their web site, and they add two more almost every week.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

We're The Millers is One Dope Movie

We're The Millers
We're The Millers
Do not take your kids to this movie!  We're the Millers is hilarious, but definitely inappropriate for children.  It is rated R for very crude sexual content, pervasive language, drugs, and brief graphic nudity.

This New Line Cinema comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis is chock full of action, adventure, a little romance, and a whole lot of comedy from start to finish.  David Burke (Sudeikis) is a small-time pot dealer with no life ambition or drive.  When David is robbed, he loses everything; his drug money, his pot, and his personal life savings.  He is forced to go from small-time pot dealer to big-time pot smuggler when he finds himself in serious debt to his supplier, Brad (Ed Helms).

David recruits Rose (Aniston), a cynical stripper, Kenny (Will Poulter), a socially awkward teen, and Casey (Emma Roberts), a tatted-and-pierced streetwise teen to help him create a fake family that will help him get the mother load of pot across the border from Mexico, and back to home to Brad.

Want to know what happens next?  You'll have to see the movie... I can tell you that the show takes some unexpected twists and turns, and may even shock you.
Photo by Michael Tackett - (c) 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Jennifer Aniston, Nick Offerman, Jason Sudeikis, and Kathryn Hahn Photo by Michael Tackett - (c) 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Jason Sudeikis Photo by Michael Tackett - (c) 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Poulter Photo by Michael Tackett - (c) 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Jennifer Aniston
Uh oh!
David's fake family is joined by Don (Nick Offerman), Edie (Kathryn Hahn), and Melissa (Molly Quinn) Fitzgerald, RV enthusiasts, and a handful of other well-known actors.  The entire Fitzgerald's family amps up the overall comedy value of the show.  Don and Edie play their parts so well, I found myself laughing so hard I had to wipe away tears.

Rawson Marshall Thurber, director, did a good job creating back stories for each of the characters.  You may fall in love with most of them, maybe even cheer for what you might normally call the bad guys.  The entire cast is completely committed to making their role believable, but certainly no one was more committed than Jennifer Aniston.  I predict that hundreds of thousands of men and women will buy this movie just so that they can play and replay the various stripper scenes.  Thank you Bob Fisher and Steve Faber for creating this extremely funny movie.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Air Vests

My husband loves to watch video reviews by Hickok45 and NutNFancy.  Both of these men have loyal followers, ranking them the top two small arms expert reviewers all over the world.  If you want to know anything about anything related to weapons and their accessories, you really need to check out their YouTube videos.  

Occasionally, and far too often if you ask his fans, NutNFancy literally shifts gears and publishes a review on a motorcycle or a motorcycle accessory.  Recently, my husband watched a NutNFancy review about a lifesaving piece of equipment.  Anyone that decides to ride a motorcycle or a horse should know about these air vests.  Actually, if you plan on riding anything that provides little to no protection to your body while also exposing you to high speed, high impact injuries, you should consider investing in one of these vests.

Do NOT attempt any falls using these vests!
These videos are professionally produced in controlled environments by professional riders.

This first video captures the size and impact of the Hit-Air vest on an equestrian rider.  Sam Watson, an International Event Rider, describes how light the vest is, and says that the jacket is quickly forgotten by the riders.  He explains that he decided to try the vest after experiencing a bad fall from his horse sidelined him for a while.  His next fall was on hard ground, and the vest saved him from all pain the day of days following the fall.  In fact, he was able to get on his next horse and continue competing, something he wasn't able to do in the past.
Do NOT attempt any falls using these vests!
These videos are professionally produced in controlled environments by professional riders.

This video does a fantastic job of highlighting the Point Two air vest with a few controlled falls over jumps.  Despite the controlled falls, the vest clearly shows its value.  Definitely worth the price of the vest.  Horse racing jockeys believe this is the first true advancement in riding safety gear since the development of the riding helmet.

Do NOT attempt any falls using these vests!
These videos are professionally produced in controlled environments by professional riders.

This video is a demonstration of the Hit-Air vest used by both a motorcyclist and a scooter rider.  Once again, a clear demonstration of the value of these air vests.  It seems motorcyclists are fairly evenly split between the Point Two air jacket and the Hit-Air vest, with NutNFancy preferring the Hit-Air vest.

If you're looking for a solid protection solution, something to keep you safe without interfering with your freedom of movement or comfort, these two companies have vests that will meet your needs.  There are plenty of reviews out there that tell you how these vests work and how easy they are to maintain.  If you have a preference, or prefer a different company's vest or jacket, feel free to post a comment.

Point Two Air Vest
Point Two Air Vest

Hit-Air Equestrian Vests
Hit-Air Equestrian Vests

Monday, July 29, 2013

Beautiful Photography

I love photography, but have never come close to mastering the use of my camera.  Every now and then I manage to take a photo that is worth sharing.  I understand composition, aperture, and f-stop, but the only one I can actually apply when the camera is in my hands is composition.  Since joining Google +, I stumbled upon a few interesting forms of photography I just have to share.
Photography originally started as the process of capturing light on light-sensitive paper. Today, digital sensors capture the light and store it in digital format.  Both forms of photography respond to changes in shutter speed and adding or removing external light.  Leaving your shutter open longer creates lighting effects that can only be imagined by the human eye.


There are dozens of different kinds of light photography; light painting, light graffiti, and light art performance photography. Regardless of the name, light photography "is a technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source, ...or images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources." Photographers use a slow, one second or more, shutter speed, and a moving light source to illuminate patterns or a picture by shining the light directly into a camera lens.  A similar effect can be achieved by moving the camera around.

Light Photography by Michael Sutton           Light Photography by Lacerant Plainer
"Lava Flow"
by Michael Sutton
          Light Photography
by Lacerant Plainer

Light Graffiti - Goku w/ Kamehameha Blast           Light Photography
Light Graffiti - Goku w/ Kamehameha Blast
by Rob Walker
          Light Photography
by David Haberthür


There are a few different names for this type of photography; liquid, splash, water, and any combination of these names, but the common thread is the use of liquid, a camera, and strobes.  This form of photography pairs the hi-speed stop action of strobes to "freeze liquids and create stunning water photography images."

Liquid Photography by Alex Koloskov
Liquid Photography
by Alex Koloskov
Liquid Photography by Alex Koloskov
Liquid Photography
by Alex Koloskov

The photo's here are just a few examples of these amazing art forms. Here you can find thousands more amazing photo's.  Do you have a favorite, or feel like sharing a different form of photography? Please share...