Saturday, May 18, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness On The IMAX Screen In 3D

No Spoilers

Star Trek Into Darkness
I can't believe its been four years since the last Star Trek movie.  If someone asked me what's changed, I would have to say nothing and everything.  Star Trek Into Darkness is an explosive action thriller with twists and turns, staying true to their original 2009 format.

I am definitely a fan of the IMAX screen.  The point of the IMAX screen is to fill your field of vision, giving you a feeling of full immersion in the movie as if you are part of the film.  Add 3D, and the movie comes right out of the screen and taps you on the shoulder.  I think movie tickets are over-priced, especially when you add any concessions, and a family of five plus a friend or two, so I save these formats for the special movies that deserve it.  Star Trek Into Darkness is one of those films that deserves a few extra dollars.

On Friday, I drove my daughter and her best friend to Portland so they could see Marianas Trench in concert at the Hawthorne Theater.  When I asked them why they couldn't go to the concert in Seattle, they reminded me it was the same time as Prom.  Just after arriving in Portland, I got a text from my husband telling me that he and Taylor were going to see Star Trek at 11:30 pm.  I dropped the girls off at the concert and used the Poynt app to locate theaters near the Hawthorne Theater.  By 5:15, I was sitting in a mostly empty theater, completely unprepared for the twists in this twelfth Star Trek film.

This movie is all about the details.  Good art grabs your attention and then takes your eyes and your mind on a ride, never letting you get stuck in one place.  Star Trek Into Darkness grabs your attention the moment it begins, and fills the screen with details that keep your eyes moving and your mind trying to keep up with the action.  They also flooded the theater with the sounds of this fifty year old cult classic, adding to the feeling of being part of the action.  At some point during the movie, someone a couple rows in front of me stood up.  I was struck by the fact that he looked like he was part of the movie, appearing to stand between objects in the movie.  The IMAX and 3D format are definitely my favorite.

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