Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado...Help If You Can...Share If You Can't

Oklahoma Tornado
Oklahoma Tornado
If you're watching the news today, you've probably seen the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma where a giant tornado, reportedly more than a mile wide, killed more than four dozen people as it tore through the large Oklahoma city suburb Monday afternoon.  The tornado flattened homes, tossed cars through the air and crushed at least two schools full of children.  These numbers are expected to grow as rescuers continue to search for all of the children and teachers in the schools and communities.

There are plenty of news stations where you can read or watch to get up to the minute information about the storm and its impact.  After listening to our local radio station, KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle, asking everyone for donations, and asking everyone to spread the word, I decided to take this opportunity to do my part.  

If you can help, please donate what you can to help the Moore, Oklahoma community.  If you can't donate, please share this.  Let's all do our part to spread the word to get these families the help they need.

You can also text RedCross to 90999, to donate $10.00 to the American Red Cross.