Sunday, May 5, 2013

For Sale...A Little Bit Of Scuba Gear

UR/Pro Filter
Two Ikelite Removable External UR/Pro 
Blue Water Color Filter 
6441.46 Port Diameter 3.9 in (99mm)
For tropical blue water settings. Enhances warm reds and oranges with available sunlight up to 80 ft. (24m). Ikelite Color Correcting Filters press fit to the outside of Ikelite lens ports offering easy attachment and removal underwater. 
The CLX450™ is often referred to as the “Tuxedo of Drysuits”. A well-deserved name with its handsome, Cordura blend polyester/butyl rubber/polyester material on the upper body that also offers extra durability.

Material Top: Trilaminate material made of Cordura® blend/Butyl Rubber/Polyester
Material Bottom: Patented crushed neoprene

Diagonal front-entry zipper - Brand New
Patented QuickZip design
Telescoping torso
Suspenders, crotch strap, relief zipper - Brand New
Warm neck collar
Zipper guard - Brand New
Apeks swivel inlet & adjustable, automatic exhaust valves
Cordura® overlay down the arms
Internal waist adjustment cord
Double layer material over knee area
Low pressure inflater hose
Neck Seal: Latex
Wrist Seals: Latex
Pockets: Two Cordura Zipper Pockets with D rings.
Bag: DUI drysuit bag

USIA Superstretch Undergarment
Weezle Compact Undergarment
USIA Superstretch Undergarment
An extremely warm and comfortable double- layered four-way stretch fleece one piece dry suit undergarment jumpsuit with foot and thumb loops. The USIA Superstretch has been tested in the cold waters of the Puget Sound and Oregon Coast, and divers have responded overwhelmingly to the warmth of this garment.

Weezle Compact Undergarment
The Weezle undergarment is comfortable, easy to dawn and remove, and warm.  It does a good job of keeping you warm, and won't overheat you in the spring, summer, and fall.

Deep See Neoprene Boot
Deep See
Neoprene Boot

Deep See Neoprene Boots
We have two pairs of these boots, both in excellent condition. Purchased when our children were twelve and fourteen, now eighteen and twenty. The Deep See Profile Neoprene Boot provides a low profile molded out sole which is excellent for protection with minimal bulk.  The zipper makes it super easy to dawn and remove.  Kids 5 and Mens 10.

High Tide Pro Neoprene Boots
High Tide Pro Neoprene Boot
High Tide Pro Neoprene Boot
We have two pairs of these boots, both in excellent condition.  We purchased these when we were diving in our USIA Dry Suits.  They fit easily over our latex socks without squishing our feet.  They are durable, and constructed to last a very long time.  Another boot with a zipper that makes is super easy to dawn and remove.  Sizes large and medium.
DUI Dry Suit Hood
DUI Dry Suit Hood

Brand new, never used, not even once, large hood.  Made with the highest quality 7mm superior stretch neoprene that makes it easy on/easy off and incredibly comfortable to wear. Vented to allow air to escape yet keep the water out. Larger face seal allowing for more face coverage for warmth. Strategically placed seams for longer wear - No seam under the chin. Tapered behind the head for a closer fit to reduce water flow. In warm neck style skirt is 4mm for easier tucking into warm neck collar. In standard style no seam around the neck allowing superior stretch.

These hoods are in excellent condition.  All three have the zipper in the back for easy dawn and removal.  We have two large and one small. . Main panels are 7.0mm commercial neoprene rated to 165 feet. Titanium foil technology for maximum warmth. Easily trimmed face seal is 5.0 mm thick. Twin air vents on top of hood, flapper inside to stop water flow. Oversize chin piece of super stretchy X7000 foam neoprene. No seam down the middle of your chin. Extra stretchy neck panel for comfort. Back zipper features extra large zipper and tab.

DUI Dry Suit
Rock Boots
DUI Dry Suit Rock Boots
The DUI Rock Boot has set the standard for durability, support and traction for drysuit boots. The DUI Rock Boot comes standard on all DUI drysuits or can be worn with any wetsuit when combined with a wet sock. A must for any diver who walks, hikes or climbs to a divesite - even great on boat ladders!

Sea Soft Adjustable Tank Weight Pocket
SeaSoft Adjustable
Tank Weight Pocket
Great way to keep the weight off your hips and add some to your cylinder with this Sea Soft Adjustable Tank Weight Pocket, just mount and adjust the band to your cylinders diameter and you have shed some lead from your waist to your cylinder. Placing weight on the cylinder will also help eliminate the buoyancy you may experience from an aluminum cylinder when near empty. If your cylinder rides up in the second half of your dive due to cylinder buoyancy this tank weight pocket is what you need.

Weezle Compact Boots
Weezle Compact Boots
Weezle Compact Boots
Cold feet are a major complain of divers.  Weezle boots use the same innovative materials as used in the Weezle undergarments to help keep you feet as toasty warm as the rest of you.  We've got two of these, one small, and one medium.