Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek On The IMAX Screen

Blog Contains No Spoilers

Sit down, turn off your cell phones [people who know me will tell you I NEVER do this], hold on, and prepare for an incredible ride. The point of an IMAX screen is to fill your field of vision giving you a feeling of immersion, and with this movie, there is non-stop motion. From the moment the lights dim in the theater, this movie experience puts you right in the middle of the action.

From the casting to the acting, this movie was done right. Writers, directors, and producers balanced the original stories, character background stories, the future, and current activities, and they did this exceptionally well. I never felt lost except maybe when...oops, that would be a spoiler.

Looking for a spectacular cinematic've found it. Want believable special's in this movie. Need something old and something's here. Put it all together and project it onto an IMAX screen, and you get the best motion picture of the year!

As a final note, I woke my teen daughter up and asked her to get ready to go to the movies. She asked what we would be seeing. When I told her it was Star Trek, she rolled her eyes and exhaled the word "oh" so strongly, the temperature in the room changed and the curtains bristled. When the movie ended, she called some of her best friends before we reached the car and told them "you just have to see this movie."